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We, as a community of Americans who enjoy smoke-free vapor, join together to set out the following statements and plea to you, the Governor of the State of Florida, the President of the Florida Senate, the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives and all Senators and State Representatives, to wit:

  1. We value the freedom to enjoy alternatives to combustible tobacco products including vapor, e-liquid, e-cigarettes and other smoke-free devices and activities;
  2. We believe that Floridians should be left to choose for themselves whether they wish to enjoy these products and activities;
  3. We believe that Federal, State and Local government should resist the temptation and the pleas of others to expand its reach by limiting the rights of Floridians to choose smoke-free activities;
  4. We support limited regulations such as the limitation that minors be restricted in their ability to purchase smoke-free products;
  5. We otherwise oppose governmental bans, regulation, restrictions or other limitations on the purchase, including internet purchases, or use of specific smoke-free products such as devices, liquids and flavors;
  6. We oppose governmental bans, regulation, restriction or other limitations on the location(s) where free citizens can engage in smoke-free activities;
  7. We oppose the consideration of any legislation, rule or other governmental policy without a full hearing that is open to the public and preceded by a publicly-noticed workshop where all current science and testimony from medical experts is first considered;
  8. We oppose statements or policies that treat smoke-free products or activities as tobacco, or equate them with tobacco, including special taxation, restrictions on use, locations of allowable use and any references whatsoever suggesting that vapor, vaping, e-liquids, e-cigarettes or any other smoke-free activities are tobacco products or tobacco-related in any way;
  9. We oppose any additional taxes or taxation on smoke-free devices including e-liquid, e-cigarettes and any vaping devices or smoke-free activities.

We make this plea that your governance and forbearance be consistent with the above and, for the support of this Petition, we mutually pledge to each other and to you our dedication to preserving these rights in unto ourselves and others who are not represented.

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